Le Spiagge di Sirolo e Numana


Spiaggia Urbani, Sirolo

Spiaggia Urbani è raggiungibile in 15 minuti a piedi o con un comodo servizio navetta comunale, la cui fermata si trova a pochi metri dal B&B Searolo.

Spiaggia Urbani, is the closest beach to B&B Searolo; it owes its name to the cave on its southern side (Urbani cave). Featuring beach resorts as well as free areas, restaurants, bars, it’s the perfect place for everyone, including families with small children.

Snorkeling and diving lovers will find a perfect environment: caves, rocks and diving spots, ideal for discovering the hidden underwater beauties of this area. The northen side, the one connecting Urbani beach with San Michele, has a nice little bay away from the open sea, with low water, ideal for kids.

Just a little bit north from Urbani, there is a bigger bay hosting the beaches of San Michele and Sassi Neri.

San Michele e Sassi Neri

Spiaggia San Michele, Sirolo

San Michele, half free, half filled with restaurants and beach resorts, is a palette of a thousand shades of blue, in contrast with the green of the woods on its back, the perfect place to spend the hottest hours in the shadow of a pine tree.

spiaggia sassi neri sirolo conero
Spiaggia Sassi Neri, Sirolo

Sassi Neri (“black stones“) is located on the northern side of the bay, it’s a rocky and wild place. It owes its name to the colour of the rocks, in contrast with a crystal crear water.

Both beaches are a 20 minutes walk or a 5 minutes shuttle bus ride away from Searolo B&B.

Due Sorelle

Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle, Sirolo

Due Sorelle is probably the most famous beach in this area, a real jewel embedded in the white stone of the Conero Riviera, considered a “Top Choice” by Lonely Planet travel guide.

Its sea bottom is made of thousands of little white pebbles, perfectly polished by the water, which gives to the shore a crystal, aquamarine colour. It owes its name to the twin sea stack, looking like two sisters.
When visiting Due Sorelle beach, don’t forget to bring a diver’s mask and a pair of water shoes, to explore every part of it.

The only way to reach it is by the sea, going on a cruise from the port in Numana or paddling your way to it with a rental kayak, boat or SUP.

Spiaggia del Frate

Spiaggia del Frate, Sirolo

Spiaggia del Frate is located on the southern part of Sirolo, just next to the little port in Numana. Not very famous among tourists, it’s easy to reach on foot from the centre of Numana or by car.

Very similar to Urbani, it’s a convenient location, because it’s as easy to reach as the flat, simpler beaches in Numana, but with a still beatiful, rocky, wild surrounding.